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4oz Handmade Watercolor Binder

$23.00 USD

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Note: This now comes in a brown bottle to prevent light exposure. Due to issues in shipping, the bottle no longer comes with a dropper lid. Store refrigerated to prolong shelf life, do not dip anything into the bottle. The binder is good forever until it grows mold, which will only happen with contamination.

Contains: Gum Arabic, water, glycerin, tea tree oil.

This listing is for a 4oz bottle of ready to use watercolor binder. Update! The bottles are brown now to help protect the binder from light and increase its shelf life.

This is the binder I use in the creation of all of my watercolors, and now it’s here, ready for you to create your very own paints!

Watercolor binder (this product) + pigment (all of my other products) = watercolor paint

If you’re here from TikTok and wonder “what is the liquid you use….?” It’s this!

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